March 19th, 2012

Roadtrip: Charlotte

This past weekend Sonya and I drove to Charlotte for a show we wanted to check out. This is an incredibly quiet time of the year as far as shows go, so we were happy to find something that would get us out of the studios, out of our hibernation modes, and in front of some customers again.
The weather was divine! I am not made for cold. Even though this winter was unbelievably mild (thank God!) it was still winter, and so it was still cold. And so I did not like. I already love a road trip any time. I love to explore new places. Especially with a friend. Especially when the weather makes me swoon and giddy.

The show was Friday evening. It was in a theater and included a bar. Even when a show is not fantastic, if it includes the ability for me to have an adult beverage, it’s a successful time to me. I did not have many sales, but when I did the customers absolutely made my day. Every time.

On Saturday, before returning home we visited the Mint Museum and had brunch at Lulu (YUM!). I have not visited Charlotte much, and when I have they were very speedy entries and exits. So I really still don’t have a great idea yet of what Charlotte is really like, but from what I have seen sofar, I am intrigued. I kind of want to go back and stare at it’s skyline a little longer. Charlotte has one of the coolest skylines I have come across yet. The buildings are so weird, in a good way. And I love how each high rise was completely unique, yet all together they had a very cohesive thing going on. I wanted to take a good picture of it, but unfortunately at all good vantage points I was driving. Maybe next time. I finally asked asked Sonya, my passenger, to take one with my phone (DUH!) but it doesn’t quite do it justice. Maybe next time. When I come back if just for the reason to return to Lulu and eat everything else on their menu.

Upon our return to the studio we were greeted by a lovely new sign outside of our studio building that included our businesses on it. This was an idea thrown together, and orchestrated by other artists in the building, and they were so sweet to ask us to be included on it.
Then when I got home I was surprised once again to see that the tulips my parents has brought over from Holland last year were about to bloom!

I am planning an unbelievable amount of shows this year, and thus a great amount of road trips are on the calendar. I am hoping that all the loveliness this first one of the year brought is a sign of great things to come.